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Aug 10, 2007
hi all i have a question
this is james hunter from vienna il 62995,
wpsd-tv dt-2 rtv 6.2 channel from paducah ky it is national feed.
on titantv the schedule in totally different,and the tv shows are to.
can some one look up on titan tv for me, can some one tell me what going on
with rtv or wpsdtv-dt-2 rtv
here is my zipcode 62996
thank you


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Jan 18, 2007
Is your question why the titan listing is different than the actual broadcast? If so, it has been that way awhile. I check my EPG for RTV and find the show I want to watch is not the show on at that time. I don't watch it enough to really be concerned with it but if you are concerned enough, you should contact RTV directly and get some answers. If you do, please report back here.

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