Samsung knows Apple "too" well

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  1. Samsung has always made the best commercials about Apple.. :)

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  3. I'm waiting for the "You just spent over $1,000 for a phone, and the first thing you do with it is send a message of yourself as a Poo Emoji saying 'Hi! I'm a Talking Poo!'" commercial...

    (<Pedantic>Oh, the title should be "too well", not "to well"</Pedantic>)
  4. Interesting speed tests iphone X vs. Galaxy 8

    I like the screen on the Galaxy, but the iphone X is more versatile and while a little slower on web based work, the ideal upgrade for me will be the iphone with a larger screen that has standard aspect ratio and 4K.

    Video rendering speed on the iphoneX is much faster Web based apps and use is faster on the Galaxy. The big missing feature of the Galaxy or any android is it doesn't support the Apple watch and that makes it a no buy for me.
  5. I find it silly that there's always the argument that somehow there may be future optimizations that might make a device go faster. The truth is that pretty much everything slows down with updated software.

    As long as the OS must deal with devices from an earlier age, such optimizations are necessarily limited.

    If you compare the combined price of the watch and the phone, the cost savings is pretty huge with Android and you have a number of viable options in terms of watch style and functionality.

    The one place I see for improvement in the iPhone X is the biometrics success rate.
  6. I love when Samsung pokes fun at the clueless glazed over Apple masses.

    Here's two from a few years ago

    Jimmy Kimmel does a good job this that too.

    While there are many truly horrible, horrible things about Apple products, the worst part of them are the holier then thou, I'm better then you attitudes their second rate products give people. .
  7. I think the Samsung and Kimmel videos are funny and I agree that some people would buy literally anything Apple tried to sell. I think you might have the part about Apple users thinking they are better than Android users backwards though.

    Many iPhone users I know don’t even seem to know that Android exists. When they are ready to upgrade they just get whatever the current iPhone is without even thinking about it and that’s that. I can’t remember seeing iPhone users attack Android users or their devices. They just use the phone they have and don’t worry about the competition. I’m not saying this never happens anywhere but it’s true for the people in my life.

    It’s much more common for me to see Android users like EarDemon make fun of iPhone users or their devices. In general Android users seem to be much more concerned with what device other people are using than iPhone users. That probably comes from Android users really taking the time to compare devices and know the hardware differences while many iPhone users just buy the next thing Apple puts out.
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  8. Until recently that wasn't much of a problem. Throw money at Apple and be lead by the nose.

    Now that Apple charges some good-sized fraction of a monthly take-home pay for some of their wares, iPhone users are having to be more value conscious and that doesn't bode well; especially when you hear all the howls about what Apple has taken away (rightly or wrongly). You can buy a a basic 5" smart phone for about the price difference between the iPhone 64GB and the iPhone 256GB that has a serviceable camera and covers the needs of 97% of the population's needs. No, it doesn't feature turd animojis, but that's not really necessary, is it?

    Investor's Disclaimer: I've made a pretty tidy profit (on paper) betting that Apple hasn't screwed up bad enough to derail the gravy train that brings in obscene amounts of profit.
  9. That’s true. Many people would be totally fine with a cheap Android phone or something like the iPhone SE. Those same people would be fine with older devices like the iPhone 6 or its Android equivalent too though. Most people are long past the days where they needed to upgrade to a new device every year or two even if they still do it. The improvements from one model to the next are much smaller than they used to be.
  10. Band 25 and 71. Not on my 6+. IMHO, these are major improvements. Better cameras? Nice. Not sure I’d notice the difference.

    But I’ve sure noticed the price.
  11. Nah I don’t really have much of anything wrong. Most of the people I’ve come in contact with who bow at the alter of Jobs are either snobs who are concerned with branding and labels or people who can’t even figure out how to turn the thing off without asking Siri. Most of us Android users can handle not having our hands held when navigating a mobile operating system and and we don’t like being told what we can and cannot do with the devices we spent our money on. Mocking Apple users is fun because they put themselves out there, on their own free will to show what an elitist bubble they live in.
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  12. Just like their computers, apples are the best, even though they are Intel based now. But remember due to their BIOS programming if you want to upgrade memory it has to be Mac. And of course that memory is double the cost of normal memory.:eeek
  13. Hogwash! I’ve been using Apple gear for years and never bought “Apple ram” for those machines that could be upgraded.
  14. Perhaps more damaging is that what improvements have been added have been offset by the removal or change of existing features that many perceive as upsetting the status quo.
  15. Additional bands seem to be in your daily prayers, but is there any carrier that is paying more than lipservice those bands?
  16. Yep. T-Mobile started rolling it out last August. They were the biggest winners for this band.

    Cell phone support? One on the market now, the LG V30, the other (Samsung) by year end.
  17. I know! As staff we try to keep editing to a minimum, but this title bugged me for too long. I had to fix it. :)
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  18. Announcing expansion doesn't equate to availability. From what I'm reading, T-Mobile is initially deploying the lower frequencies in rural areas rather than metropolitan areas.

    Digging around, I found this on the T-Mobile website in an article about the Samsung S8 Active:
    Two decidedly off-the-beaten-track towns (aka East Jesus) is hardly a large-scale deployment. It doesn't sound like any love for your neck of the woods (though it will perhaps be in areas you haunt if their plans come to fruition).
    It is notable that only the T-Mobile version of the V30 supports band 71. The unlocked or alternate carrier versions do not.

    The same T-Mobile press release says that the S8 Active will be in stores before Thanksgiving so there will be two very expensive phones that support a band that practically doesn't exist and only on phones that may not appeal to customers in the relatively tiny markets that they're serving.
  19. :(
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