SAT-HD300 Says "UNLOCK" when change channels

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Bill Harris

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Jun 20, 2004
STR-DA1ES Says "UNLOCK" when change channels

My STR-DA1ES High Def. Receiver says "UNLOCK" when I change the channels on it. The words goes away after about 3 to 5 seconds and doesn't seem to interfere with anything except my curiousity. It seems to do that every time I change channels on the receiver. Please advise if you know what is going on as I am lost on this one too. Thanks in advance.
Sorry about the double post with the wrong equipment listed.

STR-DA1ES Displays "Unlock" when change channels

My STR-DA1ES Sony High Def. receiver displays on it "UNLOCK" each time I change the channels..It doesn't seem to affect it but I can't figure out how to turn the unlock off. It dissappears after about 3 seconds or so.
Thank you in advance.
sorry about the previous post with the wrong device listed.
Bill, both my Sony recievers do this when the source selector is set to Auto. IIRC, there's a button that toggles the source on the right face of the receiver. Personally, I leave mine on Auto and ignore the UNLOCK message. To me, that just means the receiver is doing it's thing (switching between DTS, 5.5, PCM, etc.)

Hope that helps,

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