Sci Atlanta 4200 boxes picky?



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May 5, 2008
Hi All. Hope somebody can help, I'm at wits end. I have a PVR server (BeyondTV) set up in my house and I'm still on regular old analog service. I have now faced the fact that I am going to need to switch to iO since they are now moving Court TV to iO. I ordered up a couple of boxes with which to build a new dual tuner dvr server. They sent me 2 Scientific Atlanta 4200 boxes. Problem is, the things are so finicky I can barely get them to connect.

They work fine off of any line that runs direct from my main splitter (a 4 way, no fancy brand).

I've run new cable myself from that main splitter to a GE 4 way splitter and from there to my office. The 4 way (second splitter) is working well, I have another branch going to my old DVR and it is CRYSTAL clear. But when I hook up the iO boxes from another branch off that 4 way splitter , I just get the blue screen forever and then finally it comes up and I can only tune 18, 20 and 73 because basically there is not a good enough connection for it to tune iO.

Now, I'm a programmer and electronics hobbyist and although I don't claim to be a coax/cable tv expert, I've got enough sense to know that my cables are solid, test both new boxes in another room, etc. They operate great anywhere between the first and second splitter (for example in my LR which isi branched direct off the main splitter) but beyond the second, no luck.

The second splitter is supposedly a gigahertz splitter.

My question is, do I have to run a new HOME RUN to the MAIN SPLITTER for each box, can I buy an amp would that help, will new Monster splitters (or some other brand) help, is there a cheap way to measure signal at different points, etc etc

One other thing, I just switched out my cable modem (had problem before that too) and according to Cablevision my old AND new modem had perfect signal. The modem is a straight branch off the main splitter.

TIA for ANY advice.

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Aug 17, 2006
hold down the select button on the boxes until the mail light flashes on the box.......then press info, scroll the pages using the volume buttons.....this will bring you to a diagnostics screen, any freguency under -10 or above 10 is not cable specifications, you may just need a new line from the pole to your house, but only a technician can determine that. Call for a trouble call if your levels arent good.


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Oct 18, 2004
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I don't think it is the drop from the pole to the house. Each of the 4 way splitters is causing you 7db of loss. The lines at the very end have a minimum of 14db loss depending on the length of the wiring you ran. A digital box won't provision with such low signal. If you do get it to work, I guarantee your VOD will be messed up no matter what.

I'd reccomend consolidating to 1 splitter if possible. The closer to your main service the splitter is, the better.

If that doesn't work or if you can't do it, call a tech. You will almost always get an in-house guy for a service call (in most areas). Plus, if Cablevision runs the wiring and installs a splitter they will perform all future repairs at no charge.

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