Seahawks Success Sparking Demand for High-Definition Programming and Digital Video Re

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Sep 8, 2003
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Comcast Products Enable Fans to Watch Their Gridiron Heroes in
Super Clear High-Definition Format, Pause and Rewind Live Television

SEATTLE, Jan. 18 /PRNewswire/ -- The Seattle Seahawks unprecedented season
is fueling unprecedented demand among Washington fans for digital set top
boxes that enable Comcast customers to watch games in super clear
high-definition format (HDTV), record programming and pause and rewind live
television, Comcast announced today.
Overall demand for Comcast's high-definition set-top boxes and digital
video recorders has increased 35 percent in Washington compared to demand last
Interest has been especially high at Comcast's six retail kiosks, located
in area shopping malls. Customer demand at the kiosks for HDTV set top boxes
and digital video recorders has increased by 80 percent compared with the same
period last year. More than 100 football fans gathered around the
high-definition televisions at the Comcast retail kiosk in the Alderwood Mall
last Saturday to watch the Seahawks defeat the Washington Redskins. Chairs
were brought in from a nearby department store to accommodate the fans,
turning the kiosk in the center of the mall into the perfect place for weary
shoppers to catch the game.
Tom Pierce, VP of Marketing and Sales for Comcast's Washington market,
said the Seattle Seahawks are the number one reason for the accelerated
demand, although he added there is no way to determine an exact number of
sales due to the Seahawks.
"Without a doubt, the Seahawks victories are sparking interest in
high-definition television and digital video recorders," Pierce said.
Pierce noted that he believes demand for HDTV and digital video recorders
will remain strong through the rest of the month, even if the Seahawks do not
make it to the Super Bowl. The reason: FOX, which will be airing the Super
Bowl, is one of 14 networks Comcast's Washington cable systems carry in
high-definition format.
"We anticipate that the strong demand for our HDTV and digital video
recorder services we experienced during the holidays will continue through the
Super Bowl in February, because no matter what team you are rooting for there
is nothing like watching football in high-definition," Pierce said.
HDTV technology provides video and audio that is clearer, sharper and more
vibrant than previous video transmission systems. The service is available for
customers with an HDTV-ready television set and uses a digital cable box
provided by Comcast. In addition, Comcast's digital video recorder service
allows customers to record and watch high-definition programming as well as
pause and rewind live television broadcasts.
In addition to Q-13 FOX, Washington Comcast customers can choose from the
following HDTV channels: KOMO 4, KIRO 7, KING 5, KONG 6/16, Q-13 Fox, WB 22,
KCTS, ESPNHD, Discovery HD, INHD1, INHD2, HBO, Showtime, and Starz.

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