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Apr 24, 2004
Hey guys im new here. I have directv with just one reciever. A couple of days ago, my problem started happening. I was just watching TV and the picture started to become pixelated on some channels and the sound kept cutting out. I thought it may just be a temp problem. I turned on my reciever this morning and nothing. It wont get past the "searching for signal message." Its a samsung reciever. I checked the signal levels and transponder 1 is 93% but transponder 2 is 0%. Any ideas what could be going on? Nothing has changed and we havent had any bag weather. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
Do you know any one with DirecTV, if so, try hooking up (if they mind) their recvr in place of yours, if theirs works, then you know its your recvr, if theirs doesnt work, then you may have a line issue or LNB issue, fittings etc...
I tried hooking up another reciever and it doesnt work. It also gets stuck at the searching for satellite signal message. I look at the signal meter and it also shows the same. Transponder 1 is strong 2 is 0. How would I check if its a cabling issue or LNB issue?
All you can do is look at all connections, if you can, remove them, blow out, this helps get rid of water and any tiny strands of cable, and reconnect, if its still the same it must be a bad LNB or the dish may have moved, I dont know how many recently installed satellite dish I have come across that were only hand tight, if its a new install, get the installer back to fix it, they should warrenty their work, goodluck!
if the dish has moved would I only get one transponder working? Wouldnt everything be out? Is there anyway to realign it myself or do i need a professional to do it? Thanks.
When were you installed? Did a retailer come out and do the install? If it was a recent install, the chances of an LNB going bad this soon are slim, if its been awhile since the install, your LNB may be bad. If you feel inclined enough to take on the challenge of re-aiming a dish give er a try. If it is a single dish(1 LNB) it shouldnt be too hard, if it is a multi-sat dish, you can try it yourself, but you may want to call the original installer to come check out the system.
It was installed in about October of 2002. I found out that someone else is using the satellite also (I live in an apartment). And his works fine. I guess it must be the cabling from the dish to my room. Any Ideas on how to check this?
Well I tightened all the cables and whatnot and everything worked fine...until yesterday. Now It cant find any satellites. I havent touched anything, it just cut out. Any ideas on what could be wrong?

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