Setting Dish Elevation angle question

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Apr 11, 2007
Melbourne, FL
I just set up my FTA system and I don't know if its quite right. After installing the DXM motor I used the dish elevation angle given in the motor manuel. For my Lat it was 25.3 (dish bracket angle). I used my true Lat on the motor mount bracket and directed the dish to true north. I assume the combination is somewhere close to my Lat. and will drive the dish along the equatorial plane. I managed to get echostar 7 with some minor adjustments. I don't get any other satellites so it must not be driving right. Any suggestions. My main question is on the correct dish bracket angle.


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Feb 21, 2007
i haven't heard of a DXM motor before, so I can't help you there much. But be Sure to set your latitude on the motor using the correct scale according to the manufacturer instructions. On an SG2100, there are two scales, and they tell you to set the elevation using the latitude scale - which is confusing, but exactly right. You use the scale marked 'latitude' and not the one marked 'elevation'.

Also be aware that people have reported their dish elevation markings being WAY off.. like almost 10 degrees, so you may have to do some tinkering to finetune the exact dish elevation (but make sure your motor is exactly where it is supposed to be.. tighten it down and don't mess with that again).

Be sure that your pole is perfectly plumb, as this can cause problems. And be certain to mount your dish facing South (not North, if you are indeed in Florida) accounding for magnetic deviations.
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