SG2100 Hardware Sizes

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Mar 20, 2005
Gibsonia, PA
Does anyone have a parts list of the size screws, washers, etc used on the SG2100 motor drive? The hardware on my SG2100 has rusted badly due to the winters here in PA and I would like to replace all hardware with stainless steel before the winter comes.


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Sep 22, 2005
L.A., Calif.
tough stuff

Even if you get resistant hardware, may I suggest you give 'em a shot of spray paint?
There are some really fantastic products on the market, these days.

Alternately, a dab of grease on the threads 'n heads might stave off that old brown powder.
Yes, it'll collect dust 'n bugs... :rolleyes:

We had a member a while back who runs a hardware supply business.
He offered to set us up with some sort of super-fantastic metal-coating treatment that should withstand anything short of Armageddon.
You might find him by searching the FTA (and subforums).
I don't recall the coating, but it was something he did for hardware he supplied to... Edmund Scientific....??
If I remember, he would send the parts out for a passivation, coating, or treatment.
Not sure if it was zinc chromate or something more exotic, but it was bonded to the metal, not some temporary paint or grease.

As a last resort, if you can determine the finish you want on your hardware, you might search the internet for hardware supply stores with that key word.
I know we have some industrial supply stores around Los Angeles, and I'm sure you could find some around your nearest large city.
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May 26, 2008
Los Angeles
I was just at Home Depot looking for an 8mm bolt for my new motor (it only came with three!) They have stainless but not in metric sizes, so I had to get a zinc-plated carbon steel one. If I were buying more than one, I would get them online from McMaster-Carr. They take small orders and the shipping is reasonable. Not only do they have stainless, but you get a choice of two different alloys :D


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At Boeing, we used Permatex (sp) copper based anti-seize for ALL bolts and nuts. Says stainless on package but is available at (NAPA) autoparts stores, so it is not just for stainless. It did really cut down on the problems of rust. After using for assembly, a brush coating every once in a while keeps my stuff usable. The smallest bottle lasts me for a few years, or until I loose it! (Been using it for long time - maybe 20 years.)


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Feb 6, 2008
My 2 pennies:
Stainless is good, but expensive.
A "good" hardware store will carry "anodized" bolts, nuts and washers. They are a lot less expensive than stainless (just little more than zinc )and hold up quite well.
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