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Jun 3, 2008
Long story short I've been a DirecTv customer since early last year.

Up until recently I've had a strong signal almost all the time and minimal problems after the install. Not sure if it's really relevant, but it's a swm installation

Recently however I've started to just randomly lose the signal, it doesn't happen often (maybe a total of four or five times over the last few months) and with the exception of a couple of the times doesn't last very long.

I've noticed that unplugging and plugging back in the wires going to the receiver sometimes bring the signal back, other times it doesn't.

This is where things get interesting. Right now I have no signal, but it's also been a mix of snow and sleet over the last two days and that's the likely culprit this time.

Normally it's during perfectly fine weather though and even when it's working, when doing a test it always fails the alignment one. Is this normal? Also I recently signed up for the protection plan, would a possible realignment be free... assuming it would a good idea to look into one?

Just to get it out there, when it does work when doing a signal reading it's usually fairly strong across the board... mostly 80's and 90's... even though it does for some reason fail the alignment test.

I know there are ways to do alignments yourself, but I'm not actually a handy person, with the exception of computers and so I would rather not attempt to do it myself.

Thanks in advance for filling me in on this.
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Mar 21, 2010
kansas city,mo
i would check the alingment your transponders should be mostly 95's or higher on some its kind of hard trying to peak a swim without a meter. but check your 103c and your 99c and post the transponders if in the low 80's you need your dish repeaked.


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Dec 12, 2003
Dorchester, TX.
Sleet and snow will build up on dishes weakening the signal that gets to the receiver. A dish is a reflector and because of it's shape focuses the signal and concentrates it at the LNB where your true antenna is.

The signal passes through accumulated snow on the surface of the dish weakening the signal. This reflected signal must pass through the accumulated snow again furthrer weakening it. This is probably your current problem, clean off the dish and signal should return.


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Apr 8, 2010
Just call DirecTV, if your paying $5.99 for protection plan should use it. A re alignment is free with Pplan and any other service


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Dec 28, 2004
Cheshire CT
OP, can you post your signal strength numbers on all of the sats and transponders?
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