Should standard install include in-wall cable runs?

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Oct 14, 2003
I just bought a new house and had DirecTV installed (new customer). The previous owners already had a Phase III dish on the roof, so I just needed an additional wire run to my 2-tuner Tivo. The other 2 receivers went in rooms that already had jacks. The cable that was already in place in the main room runs thru the walls -- from the satellite, under the eve's trough, into the attic and down the wall to the back of the TV. But when my installer came out to do this new service install, he ran the 2nd wire (for the 2-tuner Tivo), down the back of the house (he stapled the wire), and then drilled a hole straight thru to the living room, and then ran the wire in along the wall to the back of the TV. Now, I want it redone, but he claims he doesn't have the tools to do it, nor is that part of the standard install. Regardless, I want it done, so who can I call to do this?
Wall drops

Just as the teleco that staples wires to siding and then through the wall,most cable and satillite companies will only do concealed drops through walls for an additional charge.I'm surprised that he says he doesn't the equipement though, he's missing out on a lot of extra money. All the wires in my satillite and home network are concealed(looks better)security is wireless,but at the price you would pay here in Northern Virginia,I did the work myself,with very little spent on the equipment
Its not only satellite installs. if the cable company comes out to a house with no coax runs, they will just staple it outside of the house and run to each of the rooms outside the house.
IF you go to Directvs web site, you may be able to find a "standard installation" from what I remember wall drops are extra cost.
Standard install does not include wall fish.But as branch stated above the installer should have offered the option for a fee.Standard price is 45-65 dollars for something like that.
Standard Installation does NOT include Wall Fish runs. ( $75 per wall per floor here ),
Didn't the installer go over the wire runs with you before installation?
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