Am I blind - switch guide?

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Apr 1, 2004
I looked around but could not find a guide/overview of how satellite switches work.

I'll be recieving a new hd-directivo next week (or so) and need to add it to the mix of my current configuration (sd-directivo, 2 regular recievers).

Any ideas?
You'll need a total of 6 outputs from the dish. If you have a tri-mode eliptical dish, it comes with 4 outputs. So you still need a multiswitch. A standard multiswitch won't work. Standard multiswitches operate by voltage applied. You need a multiswitch that also passes a 22kh tone.
Thanks Downy. I was pretty sure I needed a switch, and when I started looking into it, I realized that unlike the other aspects of DBS technology, I don't know very much about how the switches work, etc.

Still looking for an overview of how switches work (since they're not simple splitters)
Well, I called and asked DirecTV what switch I should use, and they said any 2x4 switch, so I went to radio shack and picked one up there. Even though the box clearly stated that it was for a dual LNB dish, the saleskid said it would work. I figured I could bring it back if it didn't work, and I took it home to try.

Well, as long as I stayed on SD channels, it seemed to work ok. If I tuned to an HD channel, I got a message from the hdtivo that it had 0 signal on reciever #2 etc.

So I called DirecTV again, and after relaying my problem history, was told that I just need 'any old 4x8'. I have my doubts about this.

PArt of the problem is that I already have two cables going to the living room, which are run through the walls, and I don't have a good method of running new cables to the living room without running surface cables outside, which I would SERIOUSLY like to avoid.

I guess part of the confusion comes from the fact that there is already a multiswitch of some kind in the dish; does this mean that I need a special downstream multiswitch?

I have a diagram which I will post momentarily which may help explain what I'm looking for.


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You need a powered 4x8 Multi-switch, as Downey stated above that has 22kHz switching for all signals to pass. The triple LNB has a built in Multi-switch and if you add a reg. Multi-switch ( thats not powered ) it will confuse it.( NOT WORK! )
Here is a link,
You can find diagrams there, do a search for powered multi switch 4 x 8 there are bunch out there.
Hope this helps.
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