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Feb 17, 2005
I am out of town so I am not sure which DVD it was last week(I think it was a Sony), but one last week and Monster House this week (A Sony release) will not play in my nice upconverting DVD player. My wife told me that she pulled out a cheap $30 player to connect composite to my bigscreen to play the movies, because they WILL NOT play on my good player. I am sick and tired of downloading patches for a stand alone player because of Sony's copy protection.
Tell me about it!! I am done with Sony products... I have a Dual Layer DVD writer that refuses to write dual layer DVDs. It reports that the media is faulty, however when I bought the Samsung Dual layer dvd writer, it writes dual layer dvds flawlessly on the same discs that the Sony writer says are faulty.
And again.

Yep. But they've "fixed" it, again. :rolleyes:

Sony fixes problem DVDs
Video Business 4/17/2007

Sony Corp. of America says it has fixed a glitch on recent DVD releases including Casino Royale, The Pursuit of Happyness and Stranger Than Fiction that prevented the movies from playing on some DVD players.

Recently, an update that was installed on approximately 20 titles was found to cause an incompatibility issue with a very small number of DVD players (Sony has received complaints on less than one thousandth of one percent of affected discs shipped),” the company said in a statement. “Since then, the ARccOS system has once again been updated, and there are no longer any playability problems.”
Sony said the problem was due to an update of its ARccOS copy-protection system, an additional layer of protection meant to prevent ripping.Several hundred users complained directly to Sony and on discussion boards at and other blogs, saying their players were freezing or shutting off in the menu section of recent releases from the studio.

Sony is providing replacement discs to customers that have had problems. Customers can call Sony Pictures Home Entertainment customer service at 800.860.2878 for replacement discs.

ARccOS is known to have compatibility problems with some models of Sony, Toshiba and Harman Kardon DVD players. Those were the same players that users on Amazon reported problems with.

Sony, Toshiba & Harman Kardon are a "small number of DVD players? :eek:

I guess I was lucky - I just rented Casino Royale. The video player OK on my Toshiba player, but the volume kept dropping in & out throughout the whole movie. :mad:
Yeah, my whole problem with Sony's copy protection is that it only messes with honest people. The rippers had fixes soon after it came out. They didn't even test the copy protection with Sony DVD players. Another thing is that after they screw up and cause problems, they blame everything on the consumers they are screwing.
Screw Sony. We have exactly 2 sony products in the house. A Digital-8 camcorder and a CD player boombox. They both were gifts. I categorically refuse to support anti-consumer companies.

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