STAB 90 Dish Motor Needs More Power!

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  1. Right now, I don't have any 4K content or a 4K TV to test, I'm planning to upgrade in another year or two.
  2. Here are some general specs and a pic of the H7AC Model that will be coming out soon. I don't need the ATSC tuner that comes with the H7AC, I wanted strictly satellite.

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  3. 20170717_120238.png
  4. You can insert a HDD in the provided bracket for recording and backing up the system. There is also a front slot under the cover to insert a small old pin style Laptop HDD.

    20170717_123440.jpg 20170717_123757.jpg
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  5. Hi there,

    I don't post much, but was looking for a new box and was wondering if the H7 is easy to set up and does it have a fast blindscan for finding chennels.
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  6. oh sorry, i forgot to asks if you can show some screenshoots of the blindscan please.
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  7. I will try to post a pic a little later, but yes the Zgemma H7S does a wicked fast Blind Scan and doesn't seem to miss any channels either. Because this is a Linux based box using OpenPLi it is going to be a bit more involved getting it set up for the first time. But once you get familiar with the oodles of menus and buttons on the remote, switching channels and satellites is a breeze! It took me a good 3.5 days non stop learning all about this new box. It can be overwhelming at first, like learning about a new Windows PC.
  8. So far its very impressive. Thanks for all the pics.
    I hope KU band will go to 4K, as it is there could be more S2 as well.
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  9. I've thought about selling the Zgemma H7S on my Eh Bah Account, but I won't have the money to buy 5 at a time, much less one, just to sell them at cost. $200 at cost is going to be a bit steep for a good while but still worth it. The H7S has a highend Boadcom chipset, not ALI. There isn't much of a bulk discount for me though. There is a guy on this thread that mentioned he was going to order some to test out and maybe sell.
  10. Did a Blind Network Scan of Ku Band 103W got it done in under 2 minutes. Same thing for 97W Ku, all 250+ channels found within 2 minutes.

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  11. oh thank you, looks great!

    where do you find the blindscan network scan menu..can you show a screenshoot of it please.
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    Received a H7S sample from the factory a few months ago. The factory firmware did not blindscan. I have upgraded to the latest OTV firmware and the option still is not available. What hardware & firmware version are you running? What menu screen?
  13. Are you sure you got the Genuine Zgemma H7S STB receiver directly from Air Digital Limited factory and not a copied box from someone else?? If you had a H7S for the past couple of months, why not say anything about it back then?? Did your sample come with any kind of owners manual? Mine did, I made sure to read it thoroughly too.

    All Genuine Zgemma H7 Receivers should ship straight out of the factory with default OpenATV firmware. I don't know anything about OTV Firmware or what you started with, or if OTV is even supported by Air Digital Limited.

    But for me, I originally started with OpenATV 6.0 firmware stock from the factory. From within the Menu, you select Setup, Service Searching, and either Manual Scan or Automatic Scan. You select yes for Network Scan so it knows to search the Satellite for new TP's. It's called Service Searching in the menu, it's the term frequently used over in Europe and the UK.

    My only issue was the OpenATV 6.0 firmware wasn't moving my dish motor for some reason, so I reflashed my H7S to the next supported Firmware called OpenPLi 6.0 RC; where the menus are all still listed pretty much the same way. I also had to go into Tuner Menu to set up my Dish Motor coordinates with USAL'S. The Tuner Menu is automatically set for Universal LNB which I have, but you can choose whatever LNB you have. I will send a pic straight from the owners manual that you can in fact see for yourself that my genuine H7S does in fact scan in channels from different satellites.

  14. Slow down Slim.... LOL!!! Simply curious as your H7S blind scans and mine doesn't.

    Yes, the sample is a genuine product and was loaded with OATV 6.0 (missed the "A" in the last post) and have upgraded to the latest factory file. Did not receive a manual as it was not yet available. Test many factory samples that are never talked about on the forums. Usually will share my findings if the STB model is brought up by another member. Too many samples never make it to production, are significantly modified for production or not brought to a market. The H7S was a unit that I thought had possibilities, but didn't consider it to be suitable for NA distribution as tested and was waiting to see if a release supported Blind Scan. As you know, there are several similar hardware packages and none have been supporting blindscan on the internal tuners.

    Since the factory rep said that the H7S unit did not yet support blindscan, I hadn't tested Network Scan. Network Scan option is in the GUI of most DVBS STBs, but it is typically much different than Blind Scan and is not usually useful for North American FTA transponders which have poorly populated or non-DVB compliant tables. Network Scan normally relies on a comparison of the transponder table data rather than a raw logging of carriers found within a specified RF range.

    I just tested the Network Scan function after deleting the transponders on 117w and it didn't log all of the transponders. I'll contact the factory rep to see if there are any hardware changes between the pre-production sample and your production unit. Sounds like a hardware change if your production run unit is performing a blind scan running the latest OATV firmware. This will certainly be good news as the unit is much better than the other E2 units that I have tested.
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  15. Well, there was a good 2 or 3 month delay before the factory went into full production two weeks ago. The delay was caused by a significant change of the front panel design, otherwise everything remained the same. The circuit board in my H7S has a date of April 2017, all highend Boadcom parts inside, as well as Silicon Labs Satellite and Cable Tuners. OpenATV 6.0 is the same firmware that still includes the Service Searching options, I wouldn't know why your not finding that in the menu?

    The OpenATV 6.0 firmware and others, comes with its own satellite and TP list, so Network Scan according to the directions is supposed to search and store any newly found TP's. The one drawback at the moment is there is no way to manually enter Audio/Video PID information, hopefully a new Software Plugin will be developed for it. Any chance you browsed through the various Plugins for the H7S?

    Did you try a Service Scan or Manual Scan using the directions I posted above? It's called a different name, but still functions just like a Blind Scan, as you chose other options to clear out your existing channel list as the box searches. The box I have is working beautifully with OpenPLI 6.0 RC, I did a fresh Service scan of the the three big Ku Band satellites.

    The rep I talked to from Air Digital is co-owner of the company. She told me that Zgemma is named after her daughter, that's where the logo comes from. She reassured me that the H7S does in fact Blind Scan and get S2X signals. That sounded good to me, so I put down the $200+ three day shipping to get one. It's doing everything she promised me it would.

    Maybe order a full production H7S Reciever, or the soon to be released H7AC, which includes an ATSC tuner for NA. Try those again, and see if you might still be impressed?
  16. Full production H7S boxes even let you access your box from any computer or smartphone browser. You can watch your favorite channels streamed to your tablet or phone from about anywhere. You can also look at the technical specs of the box from your computer. Just enter the H7S IP Address in the browser address bar.

  17. Yes, used the Service Scan, Network Scan, deleting the pre-populated transponders. I'll have too look at the tables for the services found and missed to compare and see why not all were logged.

    Have used WebIF with other STBs. Nice App. I haven't had much success with casting 4K stuff on my network. The HD and standard def works great.

    Didn't know about the ATSC model. Something to look forward to. Thanks for the info...
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  18. Ok, I may stand corrected a little bit. I tend to associate an Automatic Scan and Manual Scan as a Blind Scan, since everytime I've run one on this box, it refreshes the channel list. But within the Manual Scan, you can enter the specific TP info you know of and scan for that, perhaps updating the TP Table.

    As I posted earlier, I scanned in 103W Ku and was able to listen to all of the Dolby E audio tracks with a press of the Audio Button on the NBC Muxes. On the Linkbox, I usually hear sounds, but no voices with no way to choose otherwise. On the H7S, you can pick different Audio tracks on that mux to bring in the voices that you want to hear, I'm impressed!

    There are software plugins that will let you do a real true Blind Scan, but those plugins haven't worked for me.

    Yes, the H7AC for the US Market will be available within a few weeks, if not already by now. The co-owner asked me if I wanted an AC model, but I said no since I don't use an ATSC antenna.
  19. I don't think the discrete audio channels on the NBC feeds are actually "Dolby E", and I don't think there's any home receiver that does Dolby E.

    I don't know about the Linkbox, but I thought that most receivers let you pick from multiple audio streams.