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Has anyone here (besides myself) watched the first season of this series?

The split/alternate reality of two Earths linked by a corridor and with people crossing between the two realities via a bureau that manages the diplomatic relations between the two realities is really interesting. J.K. Simmons does an amazing job being the same (yet very different) person on both sides of the two realities.
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I just finished S1. Excellent series, intriguing, well acted, well written. My only complaint would be that mid-season is a little too regular drama and at times forgets the schtick of alternate realities but I look forward to S2. Also agree that Simmons is killing it. The way he transistions between the two personalities reminds me of Brian Cranston in Breaking Bad.
The mid-season regular drama part pretty much sets up all the latter-third of the season though, where the majority of the intense portions of the two alternate realities gets the focus. Simmons even manages to look slightly different from his other version - it's amazing how he does that.
I'll probably just let S2 play out, and get Starz again next summer when they drop the price.
Makes sense... I watch a lot of movies (and sports), so I have all the movie packages except Showtime (because I was barely watching anything on it, I dropped it 2 years ago). They have a $5/6 months thing for Showtime going on presently, but if I do it, I lose my deal I presently have for Starz...

Anyway, Counterpart resumes sometime next year (a long hiatus) and I'm looking forward to seeing what the two Howard's do...
Inside Out was a good episode. Quale has a nightmare on his hands between his "other side" shadow wife and the new FBI agent. Meanwhile, the alternate Howard is trying to live Howard "Prime"'s life and having a difficult time keeping Emily from suspecting him (not to mention the FBI agent).

The preview for Outside In, coming up this Sunday, looks good also!

Anyone else watching? :)
I was disappointed when I read the S2 debut was the series low (ratings).
Damn! They canceled it. Hopefully Netflix or Amazon will pick it up. Have not seen S2, so don't know if it deserved it or not.

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