Starz-HD: February, March & April High Definition Movies

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Here is the february list of Movies for Starz-HD. It remains to be seen which will be shown HD OAR.

April 2004 High Definition Movies
  1. Dangerous Ground
  2. Nobody's Baby
  3. Blank Check
  4. The Long Kiss Goodnight
  5. Knockaround Guys
  6. The Emperor's Club
  7. A Far Off Place
  8. Exotica
  9. Little Secrets
  10. Krippendorf's Tribe
  11. Tears Of The Sun
  12. Daddy Day Care
  13. Jason X
  14. The Jerky Boys
  15. Squanto: A Warrior's Tale
  16. Anger Management
  17. About Schmidt
  18. Simone
  19. The Bourne Identity
  20. The Joy Luck Club
  21. Maid In Manhattan
  22. The Rock
  23. Bad Company
  24. Playing Mona Lisa

March High Definition Movies

  1. A Man Apart NEW
  2. About Schmidt
  3. Akira NEW
  4. All About The Benjamins NEW
  5. Anger Management NEW
  6. Black Hawk Down NEW
  7. Bad Company (OAR)**
  8. Joe and Max**
  9. Darkness Falls
  10. Friday After Next NEW
  11. Gabriela NEW
  12. Human Nature NEW
  13. Invincible NEW
  14. Joe And Max NEW
  15. Mortal Combat NEW
  16. Oscar NEW
  17. Punch-Drunk Love NEW
  18. Stealing Harvard
  19. The Emperor's Club NEW
  20. The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers
  21. The Master Of Disguise NEW
  22. XXX

February High Definition Movies
  1. Black Dog (OAR)**
  2. Blue Crush**
  3. Bringing Down the House (OAR)**
  4. Cherish NEW
  5. Darkness Falls NEW
  6. Daylight**
  7. Fresh NEW
  8. Friday NEW
  9. John Q*
  10. Final Destination 2 NEW
  11. Into The West NEW
  12. Knockaround Guys
  13. Look Who's Talking Too*
  14. Maid in Manhattan
  15. Nixon NEW
  16. Paradise*
  17. Phenomenon NEW
  18. Renaissance Man NEW
  19. Serendipity**
  20. Sweet Home Alabama**
  21. Terminal Velocity*
  22. The Distinguished Gentleman*
  23. The Crying Game*
  24. The Crow NEW
  25. The New Guy NEW
  26. The Lizzie McGuire Movie (OAR)**
  27. The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers
  28. The Three Musketeers NEW
  29. The Journey of August King NEW
  30. The Recruit**
  31. The Truth About Charlie NEW
  32. What's Cooking*
  33. XXX NEW

* from Starz Website
**Seen by our members in WS. What does WS means? Is it WideScreen Down Resoluition? Starz-HD has made a distinction betweeen WS and True HD.
Starz-HD is going into its second month. Here is a list of movies that will be shown in HD. The ones in SD may be shown in HD or SD. I do not know yet.
Starz-HD now has their HD schedule up on their website. I looked at that schedule and saw a lot of repeats. Of couse, I was keeping my own list and I compared both and we are only getting 25 movies in HD. Take a look at HBO and Cinemax and tell me if this is not a disgrace!!!
Starz-HD Alert: Phenomenon 2/1 3pm Eastern

SYNOPSIS: An amiable, small-town Everyman is inexplicably transformed into a genius with telekinetic powers.

DATE / TIME: February 1: 12:00PM
February 5: 10:05AM, 9:00PM
February 13: 3:35PM

DATE / TIME: February 1: 3:00PM
February 5: 1:05PM
February 6: 12:00AM
February 13: 6:35PM
hey sean, the movie was obviously not OAR, and it really showed, at the beginning when they were showing the credits for the movie and some of the names were cut off at the sides. That sucks plus the pq wasnt that great!
I just read at AVS that Serendipity was shown in HD on Starz-HD 261. It will be played again on channel 262 (Starz-HD West). I will check to see if it is HD as it was not part of the original list of HD movies that Starz has on their website.
I sent an angry letter to Starz last week. This was after a few e-mails and calls. Basically, I told them what we have seen - very little HD content. This is their response:

As STARZ! HD is a brand new service offered by Starz we are just beginning to develop our HD library. In order to do so we are developing new contracts with the many movie studios we work with to receive the films in both versions. As with any new service on any cable or network channel, this is a process that takes some time, but with every day that goes by our library is growing immensely. As this is a new service we ask for your patience and understanding as we acquire the #1 Big Hit Movies you love in the aspect ratio you want to watch them in.

With Regards,
Customer Relations
Well, it is only getting worse for the month of March on Starz-HD. Look at the lack of HD movies (18 ONLY). The positive side: most of them are new.

I remember watching Blue Crush on StarzHd and it was not hi-def(suprise, suprise), but today i was flipping through channels, and i came up on it again and to my surprise it was in hi-def, even though its not listed on the Starz website as one of their hi-def movies.Maybe starz is trying to fix their act?
That's good news as I have been trying to see this movie in HD. How the girls look? Are you sure is HD and not upconvert?
Another one playing in Starz-HD West Country Bear is in HD. It looks like they are finally getting these titles in HD.
dfergie said:
I bet the Twin towers will look awesome:) you guys are giving the rest of us V* envy.

Both LOR were awesome! I was really down on Starz-HD for the lack of HD movies but it looks like they are making a good effort in transferring their movies to HD. If you see a movie in HD and it is not listed in the above list, let me know so that I can add it to the list. Also, state whether it was shown OAR if it was. Thanks.

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