"Striking stats" on college football and crime (1 Viewer)

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Aug 27, 2007
Southwest Ohio
Through an exhaustive series of background checks, the probe discovered that seven percent of the 2,837 players on the magazine's 2010 top 25 pre-season football rosters had been in trouble with the law... "Another startling number," Keteyian added, was that, "only two schools in our sample did any kind of regular criminal background check on their recruits."
It would be interesting to see a historical study of this to compare today's athletes with yesterdays.

"Striking stats" on college football and crime - The Early Show - CBS News
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May 7, 2008
I process criminal background checks at work. The level of incorrect information in them is shocking. Lots of people listed as "arrested" and when the charges are later dropped or the people are actually found not guilty, the cops never bother to update their database.

In our Constitutional system, everyone is innocent until proven guilty. SI found that lots of people have "police records". Certainly many, maybe most, were actually found guilty of a crime. Many were not.

Further, and one would think the great liberals across the hall at Time would explain this to SI, to be poor and black in America is to interact with the police. Often even to the point of pleading guity to "disorderly conduct" or other such meaninglessness, rather than face a trial before a system that does not protect you.
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