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Feb 16, 2004
If you notice a group of stuck pixels on your TV that remain in the same place on all channels, don't panic! This could simply be a bug in the STB software.

If you want to see the "Stuck Pixels" bug, you can do it today, provided your PG has already loaded listings for Sunday.

Just do this: switch your STB to 1080i mode, press VOOM and then "OK", press and hold the "right" navigation button in the PG, until you reach "Sunday", press WATCH. You should see white and black stuck pixels on the left side of the screen.

To get rid of these stuck pixels, press VOOM and then WATCH.

I saw stuck pixels in some other cases too, but this is the only case so far that I can reproduce repeatedly.
This is not a new bug. I've seen it even before the 568 an 55C upgrades. Also, it doesn't seen to be related to any specific format. I've seen it in my two TV's: (1) DVI @ 1080i, (2) composite @ 480i.
The specific steps I described above, seem to work only in 1080i mode. I tried a couple of other modes this morning, but the bug din't show up. I am using DVI connection, if it matters.
It seems to be more of a screen refresh issue than a "stuck pixel". Dish's 501 had this same issue when it was ready to puke, it would display graphics on the screen or have blank spots after leaving a menu.

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