Superjack actuator and uniden 9000

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  1. 0812171703b.jpg I hooked up the 24 inch superjack. Uniden 9000. Blue is ground. Brown sensor and then the 2 motor wires. I worked for about half the arc once then died. What happened? Sensor?
  2. A lot of variables here. It could be the 9000. It could the motor. It could be a bound up dish, this would cause no pulses from senor back to the mover. It could be a loose or bad connection.

    Do you have a VOM or similar? Check connections and voltage. Do you have a 12-24V battery to take out to the dish?
    See if it will move the dish.
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  3. There is also a little breaker reset button on the back of that receiver.
  4. it's not the receiver...breaker never tripped..yes I still have my original manual. I just tried the cables in the old motor and they work fine. trying to replace a motor as it's too noisy. cables/new motor worked fine without the cover then I put the cover on and zap it stopped working when trying again. disconnected and reconnected cables and still nothing.. I just plugged them into the old one and work fine. thanks for on now will have to mess tomorrow..trying to connect to the 7.5 dish..
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  5. I tried it in the house today as I hooked up the old one back to the dish this morning. arm is dead. worked once and that's it. I didn't even disconnect the wires. I just put the cover on and it stopped working.