Surge Suppressor for DiSEqC (DISHPRO)

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Oct 13, 2003
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Forgot to include this in previous post. I use two TrippLite Isobar6DBS surge suppressors. Having read that DiSEqC (aka DISHPRO) applications require minimal attenuation at freqs through 2150Mhz, I wrote to TrippLite customer technical support regarding this issue and got the following reply:
"The Isobar6DBS has not been tested for that application. It is possible
that significant signal attenuation may occur at 2150Mhz. Unfortunately
we do not have a product that will work in this application"
Other than testing the suppressor myself (I don't have the test equipment), does anybody know which surge suppressors have been approved for bandstacking applications? Do surge suppressors tend to act as low pass (bad) or high pass filters?

TheaterWizard said:
Panamax will work, they are recommended by Dish Network. :D
Thanks for the reply. I may have to go that route as apparently the Panamax SP6DBS1 is the only surge protector out there for DISHPRO. I prefer one with two coax protects as I also use OTA antenna for locals and adding another SP doesn't do much for aesthetics and will probably invalidate both warranties. Maybe TrippLite will get their act together and get their DBS product modified and/or approved. I like their metal case, superior power noise filtering and isolation on AC outlets plus much higher joule rating.

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