Survivor 44

I don't have any favorites yet either. Lots of drama to start. Hate to see people get hurt.
I've been watching this show with my wife from day one. Hard to believe its been what 22 years now?

Still fun, but i like the old school Survivor better than how it is today.
Thought crazy chick was gone. Tika staying smart. They should have a clean path to the end.
I honestly didn’t care about anyone this season. Contrary to what Jeff said, not a great season imo.
I actually liked this season. I did not like Heidi at all and was glad that she didn't win. I would have been cool with either of the other two. The crazy chick actually grew on me. I'm still torn on doing the reveal and the after show immediately after the end. I kinda like everyone getting all dolled up and coming back together after they have seen the episodes to talk to each other as opposed to not really knowing some of what went on.