Syracuse, NY HD Locals


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Sep 18, 2005
Funny you mention this, I got an e-mail today from Dish stating that they are coming soon. I'm in Syracuse, NY as well. Did you get the e-mail?? No more fiddling with my OTA.. WHOO HOOO


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Oct 24, 2006
Grand Island, NY
Hey IslandGuy, FYI... MSG HD and YES HD look great. I was heistant to maek the switch but I wouldnt hesitate if I were you.

I know what you mean. My son just bought a new house and made the switch to Direct under the AAA deal. I checked out his directv. The Yanks look awesome, especially in the interactive channel. As for MSG, I can basically wait until october when the Sabres are back on the ice with your Rangers (Too Bad Drury you Traitor). I have to wait until my june billing cycle before I make the move; because of a screwup in my starz rebate being directly credited to my account, by the echostar executive offices.


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Jul 6, 2005
Liverpool, NY (Syracuse)

Do you have any word from your contacts as when the uplinked Syrcause HD locals will be made available? I have received an e-mail from E* saying that HD locals will be available soon. Any info? Do you think that they will be turned on at the same time as Buffalo?

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