TBS6982 Satellite card-Has anyone used this card with WMC?

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Aug 6, 2013
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I'm thinking of buying this card :TBS6982
Here's the link on Amazon:

I'm wondering if anyone has used this card or TBS cards with WMC before and what their opinion of them is? I want a dual tuner sat card to put into my Windows 7 Media Center PC.

Right now I have 2 Hauppauge HVR1600 ATSC cards in it, the ATSC inputs are connected to my OTA antenna and one channel from one of my fixed dishes is connected to the NTSC port through a FTA receiver and a modulator. I want to get a card and setup four of my fixed dishes to the card, no motors, one 4x1 DISEqC switch, and get some more sat channels into the media center setup and of course get rid of the receiver and modulator setup.

This computer is used only for the Media Center, but it is on 24/7, my parents next door use it to watch OTA from my antenna via wi-fi and a X Box 360 as an extender, I'd like to add some more FTA channels for them without getting too expensive! All the dishes have dual port LNB's etc, all that is all set, I just need to buy a reliable card. This computer's been up and running for years now and very rarely do I have to mess with it, would like to buy a card that once I set it up, I don't have to mess with it.


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