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Sep 8, 2003
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I prefer the native on using original format.

I think it’s better for picture quality since your not upscaling everything to 1080i.

I have a 32 inch 4x3 Sony Wega HDTV with 16x9 enhanced mode.

I Love this television.

When I had Dish I was forced to watch everything in SD due to the fact when I had the receiver upscaling everything to 1080i.

When I got Directv and put it in native, the 4x3 content would fill the entire screen and the HD 16x9 content would trigger the 16X9 enhanced mode and display correctly.

When I was doing 4x3 on Dish it would display a box inside of the 16x9 enhanced mode.

16x9 enhances mode was where it put the 2 bars on the top and bottom of a 4x3 television and display all 1080 lines in the 16x9 viewing area.

I now also got an LG 55 inch OLED, and that finally gave me a reason to stop using my 16 year old Sony.
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