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  1. I am having the Genie 2 installed on Saturday December, 9. What is the general consensus here on the Genie 2? Any noticeable improvements from the HR-54 it will be replacing? I am being told that the Genie 2 will fix the pixelation issue. Are there any internal upgrades that might provide better PQ?
  3. Honestly I don't think the Genie 2 will provide better PQ,from what I heart the Genie 2 improves the performance of the genie minis (c61k).
    I have the HR54 with a c61k and its been solid and responsive. The only downside is I might have to get another C61k later because I have two 4K tvs and only have 1 C61k.

    Most of the 4K stuff I watch are on BD anyways, and right now DirecTV just doesn't offer enough 4K content for me to consider getting another mini. At least not until sometimes next year.
  4. if you have any other receiver or dvrs its a downgrade
  5. I have one here and with the latest firmware/guide and wired C61Ks everything is fine.

    There is no reason you can't get the C61K now and add the TV later. That's what I did in August and didn't add the second 4K TV until two weeks ago.
  6. There was a time when they couldn't do that (not allowed).
  7. Honestly, I don't think it is now. I have had my genie 2 for about 6 months and haven't had any issues with it. It's like any other TV location. I'm running 2 wireless clients, 3 Samsung RVU 4K Tv's, and a c61K off of my genie 2.
  8. it depends on how much you record, and how many tvs are in use at one time
    with a genie and hr24, i have 150 timers available. no need to manage them between seasons.
    if i dropped back to 100, i would have to add and delete things for the summer/fall/winter sereies.

    having 6 tvs use the 7 tuners, you could run into an issue with only 1 spare tuner

    so to me thats a downgrade
  9. If you don’t have or care for any more HR24’s then go for it
  10. Yes, back in the olden days. :)

    Seriously, though, when I went to the HS17 in August all I did was ask for two of the wired 4K clients and there were no issues at all even though I only had one 4K TV.
  11. The new Genie 2 sucks. PQ not as good, changing channels takes forever, menu not as good either. Now I know why they wanted to give me a free upgrade...:coco
  12. I have had a HS-17 for almost two months. It replaced a HR54. I have not had any problems at all with it including speed and response.
  13. Since all of your TV's have to have clients attached to them with the HS-17, or be RVU ready, what is the latency like compared to having the old receivers/dvr's hooked up to them?
  14. The 17 was installed Saturday morning so I have had 4 days to live with it. I see no difference in PQ compared to the 54. Both were slow to change channels which the tech agreed with. The pixelation is no better with the 17.
    It's been several years since I hooked up my TV to my indoor antenna but the week I spent with no DirecTV I decided to hook it up to watch my local channels. Holy crap. The increase in PQ over the DirecTV feed was like a slap in the face. I did not remember the difference being that dramatic.
  15. Something's not right somewhere. I'm not seeing any problems here and I've had the HS17 since August.
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