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Jul 27, 2006
Pompano Beach, FL
I've scoped out the area for a used C-band dish. So far, the results are that of Hurricane Wilma. Mesh has been torn on every dish I've come across.

Here's the situation. I did come across a bar where they are willing to sell me their dish. Couple of issues:

1. Mounts / Actuator looks rusted out
2. Mesh is torn up from hurricane Wilma.

Here is the plus side, the only thing that probably survived was the LNB and feed horn which are still attached. What would you all think I should do? Take the whole dish down, try to re-mesh it with window screen material? Or...should I just take the feed horn and LNB assembly and keep looking for a better dish??
If people are willing to give you a dish for free, take it. Find similar dishes and take the good parts then make a good dish setup. Have fun.
take the whole thing! skyvision sells sheets of mesh and you cut it to size and replace damaged panels. sand/brillo the loose rust and apply that rust remover stuff sold in hardware stores in paint department. it turns the rust back to black metal then you can prime and repaint (don't use a metallic paint on the dish)
And....lets say the moving portions of the dish get rusty, I can just get that rust remover and be ok? Hope so. I offered them $100 for the dish cause I couldn't get the guy to give it up in the first place. He was so confused about what to do.

Rule #1:

When hurricanes threaten in South Florida, TAKE THE DISH DOWN!!!

I don't understand these dumbasses.

yeah. theres a brand called naval jelly, the kind i got was Jasco or something like that. you can put this on the hinges, bolts, all threads, frame or whatever. the shaft that goes in the actuator (mover) arm shouldn't be rusty if theres grease on it. don't let the juice run down in the shaft or down in any place where you can't see like the motor drain hole, cause it might clean out some needed grease or hurt something like wiring, or gum up the bearings, i don't know....if the dish is solid aluminum, i would brush the Jasco on the bolt heads and not on the actual dish (after all aluminum doesn't rust) if the mesh panels are aluminum don't get the stuff on them. use solvent gloves and a cheapo disposible little brush or roller and apply it somewhat generously only to rusted places (you don't have to completely sand the rust off cause that stuff says it'll convert it all) maybe before you start put plastic down under the work area for drips. bring little sheet of plastic to wrap around the greasy actuator arm when you are taking it. takes a couple of hours usually, and you can mostly dry rag the dust off, or if you want to finish sand it for smoothness, then prime and paint. remember, no metallic paints. if the metal containing paint oversprays and goes thru the mesh and gets on the face it could cause TI (terrestrial interference in the signal -- sparklies) if any rust remover stuff is still wet looking or sticky after you consider the rust gone, then rub the rest of the rust remover off with some paint thinner (sold next to the rust remover). don't forget, grab a pound or so of rags, also sold in paint department. ( you probably know all this, but i don't know what you know, so just covering my grounds, i think) hope this helps!
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Success!!! 4dtv/dc-ii+ Hdtv On A Mini Bud!!!!

AMC going digital

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