Dish Derusting Continues


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Aug 12, 2012
Cape Cod - MA.
Hi all,

Back in April I discussed the rusting LNB arm on my C Band dish.
I’m now in the process of repairing that with a small patch. However upon the annual spring inspection of my Tek2000 dish, I noticed some pretty serious rusting at the base of the pole. It wasn’t this bad when I did my dish inspection last fall. I try to keep it free of anything that might cause rusting (leaves, grass etc) and of course a little rusting would be normal, but this is quite extensive for a dish this age…5 years.
The base for my first dish, a 9 foot Radio Shack dish, NEVER rusted in the 12 years it was in use. I still have it in my garage for back up if needed.
See photo I took of my dish base today, prior to my restoration work.

John 732A012D-D05B-4825-B191-0CB1EDB94FD9.jpeg
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