The Mount Rushmores of your sports franchises (1 Viewer)

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Jul 14, 2005
NW Ohio - Buckeye Country
I think I was around 10 when the Bruins traded Orr to the Blackhawks. I didn't see his salad days, but I knew just from the buzz around him that he was special.

Orr and Espo were the HUGE names back then with alot of players that weren't quite on that caliber, but very good just the same.

Followed by Cheevers and Bucyk, Hodge, Cashman ect.
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Feb 27, 2010
Much different Era's. I'm not sure that Ted had to face a set up guy or closer throwing a high 90's fastball or a splitter.

I can only go by what I've seen since I've been alive.

My Boston Mt. Rushmore would be.

Brady, Ortiz, Bird, Borque.

Brady, Russell, Orr, Williams.

Boston is special in that these players are arguably the greatest in each sport of all-time.

Cleveland would be:
Lebron James, Jim Brown, Bob Feller, Otto Graham

Yes, this is an old thread, blame Tapatalk.
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