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Aug 20, 2008
It does have to do with satellites, but it doesn't fit anywhere else. Anyway, my cousin lives in a slightly "shady" area, and he runs a 8' BUD with a DSR920. Anway, there had been a lot of metal theft in his area, and so he was always a bit nervous about the dish. One night his worst fears came true, or though it seemed. At around 1:30 AM, my cousin was awoke. He was used to the dish moving to g0, so that wouldn't wake him, but he heard clatter outside. He looked out the window but saw nothing. He then went back to bed. What he found in the morning was some tools laying underneath the dish, and a torn of piece of shirt on one of the supports that holds the feedhorn. Also one of the mesh panels was dented.

So here is what happened, a metal theif came around and was attempting to "steal" the dish. How he would have ever made off with any significant portion is beyond me, but each to his own. Anyway, the satellite, placed conviently at w1, began to move as it was being "stolen". The guy was lifted off the ground, fell onto the dish, then ran away, presumably scared. I would be too.

This happened a few years ago and I thought it was absolutely hilarious.
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May 18, 2004
Lizella, Georgia Republic
He He He... that is Funny...!!!!!! He probably thought someone was up when the dish moved? And when he fell, he probably thought the noise would bring them outside? If it was one of the youngsters around here, they probably busted their butts again when they started running by tripping over their pants crotch that probably was hanging between the knees and ankles......
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Jul 8, 2004
Virginia Beach
Damn scrappers have been making the rounds in my area lately to and Im glad my dish is all plastic. They spent the better part of three weeks going through the woods in our neighborhood removing every bit of metal scrap ( its not the nicest of area's but its quiet ) going to great lengths to get metal, one even cut an old metal foot board and head board from a 50's era hospital bed that had been tossed out behind my home and a tree grew up through it. What made it bad is one of them felt obliged to look through my daughters bedroom window and was gone when the police got there. The only good thing to come out of them scrapping is that they cleaned out alot of scrap metal.
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