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Mr Tony

SatelliteGuys Pro
Supporting Founder
Nov 17, 2003
Mankato, MN
gutter said:
I hate the term Supermods.... makes me feel like I am a whale turd just being a lowly member. let the others keep that designation if that makes them feel good. I like the term "staff." Makes me feel closer and that I can communciate on a closer level.

Thank you "staff" and Scott for being real.

Thanks :)
And there is no "supermod" here. All of staff have pretty much the same rights. We are not "locked down" to one area. We help out each area as need be.

Only difference between most of the staff and Scott is Scott hold the master key :)
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On Double Secret Probation
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Apr 1, 2004
Newport News, VA
Objectively, I really didnt see anything to be banned for. I also agree with Dragon that the site is skewed towards Dish. I also dont blame the site for that though. Directv hasnt done anything to get excited about IMO. So I dont see a problem with the Dish coverage.


Supporting Founder
Supporting Founder
Sep 14, 2003
Moscow Russia
dragon002 said:

This makes no sense, dish blasts up a loral el-cheapo bird ...or buys the 61.5 off of cablevision and the fireworks are going off and the chest pounding begins... WHATEVER:rolleyes:

DIRECTV blasts up the most advanced telecommunication sats ever , we get a head line and a link????????????????????

they go live with rave reviews, on time, and nothing is said.


scott this site is so skewed it is unreal!!!!:devil:
And that satellite has been sitting in space doing nothing for how long since launch???


Bourbon Tester
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May 18, 2004
I'm Nationwide
I don't see any favoritism one way or the other.

For what its worth I have had both Dish and DirecTV, and while I did not care for Dish the 2 years I had them, they do seem to toot their own horn a bit more often and louder on every little thing that they do and tend to have more than a few small things in the works at all times.

DirecTV on the other hand, seems to be loading up the big guns for a few huge blasts that will propel them to the top. Many here are constantly repeating (unjustly) that DirecTV is always behind or late, when according to their posted plans, they seem to be right on schedule. Is it as fast as we all may like? Is there as much HD as we would like? Maybe not, but I will choose smooth and steady over rushed out, always needing new firmware items.

As far as DirecTV tooting their own horn or not issuing pre-release info, that is always a double edge sword and anyone in major business would know that. It is a damned if you do, damned if you don't world and people need to chill with their instant gratification needs.

In conclusion, maybe one day we can put this HD Lite business to rest; I feel its too early to judge one way or the other for now. We need a non-bias outside company to review to goings on with a biweekly or monthly reporting of the facts on all major providers. I for one have chosen to reserve rant until after DirecTV 10 or 11 goes up next spring, to see what rolls out. As I really do think both Dish and DirecTV got caught with their pants down a bit on HD and the needed bandwidth. As of summer 2007 things should be apparent as to what the real deals will be. IMHO.


SatelliteGuys Pro
Nov 3, 2005
San Antonio
I believe that if D* were to add as many channels as Dish has (voom or not) they would get the same attention, credit is given where credit is due.

Regarding the supermoderators, I love this site, I tried posting in DBStalk and on my first post was contacted by three supermoderators about the "correct" way to post, I have never had a problem here! DBStalk is over-moderated...Thanks SatelliteGuys


Proud Staff Member
Oct 13, 2003
In my personal case, I don't have Directv thus don't post much about it. I have seen Directv at the local Big Screen Store, and it looked awful to me. They had HDNet running on one of the 65" mitsu's, and I checked the source and everything, it was a directv receiver hooked via component directly to the tv. The macroblocking was insane. I told the guy HDNet looked alot better at my house with Dish. Of course he went into a schpeal about how Directv is so awesome.

In my opinion, if I'm gonna spend $4000 on a 110" projection system, I want the content to be the best possible. Right now, its Dish Network. If I see Directv go gangbusters in the next year and wow everyone with superior PQ and content choice, I'd probably switch, and probably talk alot more about it :)


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May 26, 2004
Iceberg said:
Thanks :)
Only difference between most of the staff and Scott is Scott hold the master key :)

You mean Scott is the Keymaster? (from Ghostbusters I)


Welcome To SatelliteGuys
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Jan 25, 2004
Land O Lakes, FL
vurbano said:
Objectively, I really didnt see anything to be banned for. I also agree with Dragon that the site is skewed towards Dish. I also dont blame the site for that though. Directv hasnt done anything to get excited about IMO. So I dont see a problem with the Dish coverage.

dish is more open to their plans, thus, more headlines and post. directv is secretive, thus, less posts. this site has many contacts within directv and when something is found out, it is posted. if directv had some type of charlie chat that kept customers informed, that would make more posts.


SatelliteGuys Pro
Supporting Founder
Mar 12, 2005
Hartford Connecticut
Dragon did have one point. The headline on the front page could have been a bit more. Think about it. SW2 was handed over and 6 new markets went live. Thats pretty big stuff. There are better ways of saying it of course. I am looking at this above the piss and I think there could be a bit more around D* when good stuff does happen. I dont think its a collective attempt, just something to be cognizant of.
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SatelliteGuys Master
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Mar 2, 2004
don't kid yourself, he'll find a way to come back, he can't stand being away from us. This is his 4th ban I think ;)

Scott Greczkowski

Welcome HOME to SatelliteGuys!
Staff member
Sep 7, 2003
Newington, CT
riffjim4069 said:
By itself, it was nothing...but added to the volumes of other inappropriate comments - it was long overdue IMO.

Ding Ding Ding we have a winner. :)

Bob actually is a good guy and I will miss him for some of his stuff that he did add.

Ultimately, we can only report what we here, and there is a major difference between DirecTV and Dish Network.

Dish has more leaks then the Titanic, While DirecTV on the other hand only develops small leaks from time to time which are quickly sealed. Just today I sat for over an hour with some folks from DirecTV corporate whos lips were so tight I wondered at times if they were alive.

When we have DirecTV news we post it. We did post the news about the new satellite going online but other then that had no details as we had no details to give. Over just the past year alone we have broke a lot of DircTV news before anyone, and I would like to keep it up. :D

Personally one reason you don't see me in there talking about DirecTV or it's issues is because I don't subscribe to DirecTV, I am a Dish Network Subscriber who pays over $150 a month and rarely even watches TV. :) If someone would like to pay my DirecTV bill each month I would be happy to have DirecTV in my home. :D

Like Forest Gump once said... That's all I got to say about that. :)

Mr Tony

SatelliteGuys Pro
Supporting Founder
Nov 17, 2003
Mankato, MN
yep..this is his 3rd name

BFG...this is his 3rd long vacation (he was banned for 3 days at Easter due to his constant Voom bashing)


SatelliteGuys Pro
Apr 15, 2005
High Point, NC, USA
I do think there is a dish bias here. Yes, D* doesn't have as many headlines as E* so it does make sense that there is more attention given to E* but when D* does have something, like TNT-HD being added or SW2 being release with new HD-LIL the headlines are slower coming and don't seem to be as big on the main site.

With that said, this still is my favorite place to come for my sat info because it is the best on the Internet for that info.


SatelliteGuys Pro
Apr 28, 2005
Scranton, PA
I am a Directv sub, and I do believe there is more Dish news on here. Scott is right, however. D* doesn't give out any info and it irritates me. Dish's customers always are informed, good, bad, or indifferent. I wish D* would do something like a Charlie Chat or something similar. Everything seems to be a big secret with D*. I hope Scott is right that D* is going to have some big news, I just hope I am alive to see it.


SatelliteGuys Family
Sep 8, 2003
When D*'s numbers hit a certain point, Scott will let us know D* is now talking to him in paragraphs and sending him items to review.
E* realized Scott's impact and increasing site members counted.
D* doesn't think Scott is necessary, E* does and welcomes Scott.

If I were D*, I'd have Scott a limited HD sub & a couple of recievers by the time he gets home from Atlanta. Best investment they could make.


SatelliteGuys Master
Supporting Founder
Apr 7, 2004
SatelliteGuystonfieldville, U.S.A.
bgilga said:
I wish D* would do something like a Charlie Chat or something similar.
Well, if you stay awake past the first five minutes (thank goodness for the Charlie Chat chat) then a lot of great information can be gleaned from his chats. Charlie Chat rule of thumb:

1. Everything Charlie says is a lie. Just do the exact opposite and add 6-12 months to any given timeline and you'll arrive pretty close to the truth.:rolleyes:

2. Disgrunted E* employees love to drop little tidbits over here...usually when Charlie is fielding questions and comments from The Great Unwashed. It's hard to imagine those people are fellow subscribers.:p

3. Expect nothing from the Charlie Chat and you'll never be disappointed.;)

4. Charlie Chats always live up to our low expectations. (see item 3)

5. Stop by the Charlie Chat chat where all Charlie Chat comments will be, members will provide their own unique brand of sardonic wit.:devil:

6. You will never be disappointed with a Charlie Chat chat.:)

I can't imagine DirecTV producing a professionally polished piece of work to match the likes of the Charlie Chat. (with piece being the operative word in that sentence):D
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