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Mar 15, 2005
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A local OTA provider has several sub channels that we enjoy, but THIS TV has not been seen for several days. Anyone else lose this channel?
It was sold to the same guy that bought Light Tv. So, since Light Tv has now been replaced with the Bounce Tv
clone called "TheGrio", This Tv will likely also be replaced with something.
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Aug 20, 2008
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Thanks to all who responded. Did a rescan and still no joy, so change in the wind soon I guess.
I'll call the station tomorrow and see what they say.
Very strange situation, this company provides these low power subchannels. I live in the woods about 30 miles from their tower site and can only get them when the leaves are off the trees and snow is on the ground, and even at that, only about 2 weeks out of the month under the best conditions.
Last summer they said they were going to increase the power, but all they did was put up a new antenna and it made zero difference where I live. If I could get these reliably up here, I would be happy, but finally broke down and got Orby for reliable viewing. In my 70s and getting to where I don't have time or energy to do FTA any more.

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