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Feb 9, 2005
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With the recent changes that Tivo has made that got rid of the lifetime service option, I picked up a #3 and got a lifetime sub on it while I could. I decided to hook it to the 4DTV since the lack of timeshifting is the only real complaint I had with the 4DTV.

The solution isn't perfect, but it's workable. It would be REAL nice if the Tivo could natively control the 4DTV but I don't see them rushing out to support our small audience.

What I ended up doing was using the Dish Network channel line up and cross-referencing the 4DTV channels to it.

While we all know there is much more on 4DTV than what Dish carries, this isn't a half bad solution.

Basicly, I setup the recording on the Tivo and then go set a timer for the same on the 4DTV. I quickly became aware of the goofy problem of not changing channels if the dish doesn't more and I'll setup 5 minute before the recording timers when necessary (especially for G1 recordings).

Attached is my inital list which is just the premium channels. As I get time I'll put together as many other channels as I can match up. It's in the XLS format.


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