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Dec 24, 2006
I just opened the bo:mad:s), and set it all up, now what??? I dont get a picture, and the manuals are pretty much worthless until I can get some kind of signal.

I need to know (1)what my closest to true south satellite is???? And (2) what the correct LNB settings are???? I am in Palo Alto California, 94301 or does anyone know of a good local tech service, for hire in the San Francisco bay area???


My system is, Captive works duel LNB Model cw-200L, Viewsat extreme, Foertec Star fc-90 34" Dish, fortec star moter HH-90
Your latitude is 37.444 N and longitude is 122.149 w. So you should be in great shape because satellite G10R at 123 W would be your closest to true south and it is one of the major FTA satellites. It has a lot of actve and strong tp's. Look on you lnb and it should say either standard linear or universal. Your receiver setting for standard is 10750 or 9750 & 10600 for universal, but first determine which type lnb you have.
Assuming you have cabled everything up properly, and have the setup right for your lnb, the problem is getting the dish pointed at a live satellite. I'm not familiar with your dish but I see that it is a motorized and I am assuming it is a polar mount. Try to get your south satellite first with the dish at its highest point (zenith or apex). It sounds like you have a good south satellite to work with. Once you do that, it is a matter of getting the angles and north south alignment right to make it track.
Here is the manual for your motor, and a diagram for your dish.
What part of the install is troubling you?
Or are you beyond all that, and having trouble with the receiver?

There are plenty of threads around, where finding that first signal was the key to get going
Ice published a list of hot transponders for many of the birds you might want to align on.

At what point are you in the setup?
I'm sure there are plenty here anxious to see you succeed.
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