Traditional Providers Losses, 4th Quarter 2023 Edition

So total video losses 708,000, with only 3 reporting so far.
Altice/Optimum/former Cablevision reported, 62,200 lost in video subscribers.

Also lost 27,000 Broadband subs, had a loss of $117.8 million this reported quarter.

So with four reporting, 770,200 total.

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Dish lost 314,000, including 60,000 lost for Sling, the biggest story is Net Income is down $2 Billion, two quarters in a row Dish has shown a loss, 3rd Quarter when it was Dish only, this quarter after the Merger.

FUBO gained 141,000, but Net Loss from continuing operations in the fourth quarter was $71 million, considering YTTV has an estimated 8 Million subs now, FUBO has no chance.

Final numbers due next week.
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