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Jun 3, 2004
Destin, Fl
I'm excited to be a new Voom subscriber. This is a great forum, and I did a lot of research here B4 making my desision. My install went very well. Some of the exclusive channels are pretty good: Monsters, Rave, Rush, Animania. What I've really been after is HD programming from the local networks. I currently get PBS, NBC and UPN. "Enterprise" in HD was awesome, just wish it was DD. ABC comes in and out at night. I was surprised to get anything OTA when researching the reception for Destin, FL on They didn't list any of my locals as digital broadcasters. My NBC station is 70 miles away! The installer put in a standard antenna using a diplexer and amplifier that is powered by the STB. He said to call Voom to get an antenna upgrade, and I should get the rest of my local channels.

Well customer service wasn't too helpful. First call I chose the existing customer option, sat on hold, and then they hung up. Next call I chose new customer, and they picked up right away. I was put on hold several times during this call and it took an hour. The CSR checked and said I shouldn't get any OTA channels so I wasn't worth the investment of upgraded equipment. I plead my case, explaining that was obviously incorrect. If there were no digital OTA stations, then Voom would not map them to my STB. When I chose to subscribe, I expected to get all the channels listed on the online PG for my area code. If I had to buy my own antenna and STB, then I had no use for Voom's service. She said she would try to expedite my request to overide the computer's decision.

I'll still keep basic cable until I get all of my OTA locals. If I don't get the antenna upgrade, the new OTA mapping software update should help me pull in the missing channels from another area.

So far it's been a good overall experience. I love being able to surf at the bottom of the screen while watching a show. I haven't been able to figure out how to make my Kenwood AV remote control the Voom STB, so I have to use 2 remotes now to contol my HT.
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Sean Mota

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Sep 8, 2003
New York City

welcome to the forum. Send an email to "Wilt Hildenbrand" <> regarding your upgrade antenna.


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May 22, 2004
Cologne, MN
I have my install scheduled for 6/21. Based on antennaweb, I'm guessing I may need the upgraded antenna (check Meadow St - zip 55322). Should I notify Voom of this prior to the install? Would they potentially bring a better antenna up front if I did so?

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