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Nov 17, 2008
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90cm motorized dish,openbox s10 I use the 12035h tp to tweak the quality,but if I tweak to get 70% quality and do a blindscan I also pick up the 87w transponders.Should I back off and tweak for 60% or less instead?If I do that then the receiver doesn't find the 12035 tp even tho I can manually scan and get the channel to show.I don't want to miss out on the wildfeeds if the dish isn't set right.Or maybe wait for a wildfeed on 85w then tweak the dish based on that tp?


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Nov 17, 2003
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you need to move a smidge east. 85W the test card is strong. 87W with the new sat there is a bunch of TP"s that are strong and will bleed over even if you are on the "sweet spot" so it may be moot.

sweet spot will show the quality at 70/71. Sadly the SSO/Manhattan meter is kinda dumb as 70-73 seems to be the norm regardless.

When I scan 87W today I got 85 test card at real low signal. Conversely tonight I hit 2 data TP's from 87W when I was scanning 85W
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