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Dec 19, 2008
I see no reason USALS can not be implemented on an HH mount like (birdview?) if commercially manufactured for larger dishes, but I suspect the cost of manufacturing these mounts might be problematic and demand low to make this hardware practical. Software to run a linear mount from a controller like the ASC-1 would be interesting though. All those variables would make it difficult to get perfect tracking... but with very careful accurate measuring it should work. It's quite easy to find satellites and record their positions on DISEqC 1.2 once you have found your most south, east, or west sat so not likely a lot of energy being dedicated to implementing the higher level calculations.
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Feb 4, 2015
netherlands europe
Magic Static : It is a question for another day for me. I'm not familiar with VBoxes, GBoxes, ASC1's, etc.
Do they only respond to GotoNn commands, or also to sort-of GotoX commands (as in: “move +222 counts from zero position”)?
Or if they can be fed with a calculated table, with count positions?
Otherwise you maybe might need to use the controlboard of a H-Hmotor supporting GotoX, and feeding it with the newly calculated Goto:mad:linear)-commands or so.
But as my expertise doesn't lie there, I'd be dependent on the input of others on that point.

Other than that: the actuator-length-calculation can help with outlining your dish with no due south satellite available, as USALS already does. :)
And you'd have an indication of at what actuator length to find a satellite; or, with reverse calculating, what satellite you found at a certain actuator length.

all: (He, there is a user called 'all'? But he/she is not very active. I meant 'all you readers' ;) )

For the rest I would think: if there were a USALS-like program for linear actuators, what would be easier: finding and storing some 30-something satellite positions, or measuring 5 distances on the actuator/mount, entering them in the program, and hitting 'Return'?
I don't know the answer to this question, though. :bow
I do know that I find USALS not really 'universal', as it only serves H-Hmotors, and not also (e.g.) linear actuators. :(

I wrote my previous post mainly as a future reference to my findings on the systematics for the angular-linear calculation. To indicate that it isn't hard at all, contrary to what sometimes is suggested.
Don't know how much time I would like to invest in this project though, if there isn't much interest.

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