Using 2 Antennas?


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Mar 24, 2004
I am currently using a VHF/UHF indoor powered antenna. A couple of my locals are VHF, the rest UHF. I am having trouble maintaining a reliable reception for two UHF channels. I was thinking about getting the Silver Sensor, but I need my VHF locals. Is there a way to use both antennas with the STB? I'd appreciate any help. Outdoor antennas are not feasible because of space limitations, and I have been tweaking the loop for 8 days now.
I am using an 8 bay UHF, and a seperate VHF rooftop setup, combined with a simple UHF/VHF combiner (looks like a splitter, but has UHF and VHF marked on the inputs) and coming into the Voom box on one line. All my UHF come from one tower north of me, and my one VHF comes from east of me so this works very well. The only problem is my locals themselves aren't up with the times yet. The two I want most arent strong enough even from 15 miles away to recieve, and none of them have any HD

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