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Apr 11, 2004
sup guys
personally, im not one who is very knowledgable about this whole voom stuff that i've been reading in the forums lately to be honest. I just had a few questions that maybe some could help with?

How could I find out how far i am from my towers for OTA? I live in rahway, nj and im having some crazy problems with OTA programming. 4 of my OTA channels that i watch alot are all always chopping up and pixelating every 5 seconds, and sometimes it chops for a second but the pixelation stays, making me change the channel and flip back to it so it can clear up.

Where do i find the software version of my voom box so i know that the update went ok? also, would a 'factory reset' that i've seen posted screw up the updates already done to the box and have to wait till its redone?

Also, after these updates.. is it ok to use DVI now, or is it still screwed up with the flashes?

Any input on this would be greatly appreciated, in simple english without all the acronyms and stuff, like i said.. not too knowledgable with this stuff, just want a good HD picture and sound without studdering, breakups, etc



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Mar 6, 2004
For OTA channel info, go to and plug in your street address. It will give you the distance/azimuth to all of your OTA towers. Remember to click "digital only" at the top of the chart.

DTV Antenna
Type Call Sign Channel Network City State Live
Date Compass
Orientation Miles
From Frequency
* yellow - vhf WNJB-DT 8 PBS New Brunswick NJ TBD 288° 11.8 8
* green - uhf WRNN-DT 48.1 IND KINGSTON NY 29° 63.3 48
* lt green - uhf WFME-DT 66.1 REL WEST MILFORD NJ 19° 12.6 29
* red - uhf WNJU-DT 36 TEL LINDEN NJ FCC Ext 75° 15.7 36
* red - uhf WPXN-DT 30 PAX NEW YORK NY Awaiting FCC Permit 75° 15.7 30
* blue - uhf WNYE-DT 24 PBS NEW YORK NY TBD 83° 16.9 24
* blue - uhf WNYW-DT 5.1 FOX New York NY 70° 18.2 44
* blue - uhf WXTV-DT 41.1 UNI PATERSON NJ 70° 18.2 40
* blue - uhf WCBS-DT 2.1 CBS New York NY 70° 18.2 56
* violet - uhf WABC-DT 7.1 ABC New York NY 69° 18.5 45
* violet - uhf WMBC-DT 63.1 IND NEWTON NJ 343° 32.4 18

Looks like CBS, ABC and Fox are all within the same azimuth range, right around 70deg. There's a PBS station in that direction too, but looks like they're not live yet.

*Edit* Sorry that listing was a bit of a mess...should have viewed before posting. Looks like it pasted 3 different times.



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Apr 1, 2004
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everything you need is right here
thats where the info above came from. But you need to narrow down the list. concentrate only on digital and look at stations that are in the same direction from you. Then get yourself a good directional antenna. Ive even seen people use 2 pointing in diferent directions. Or else with all of those signals you could be in multipath hell with an omnidirectional. You could try the omnidirectional but Ive always had problems with them.

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