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Oct 11, 2008
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Let's see, got a DMSI V-Box 6 here... I've had it for a while, and never had much trouble with it, but it's suddenly developed a problem. The positioner function still works alright via the buttons on the top and the remote control, but after a lengthy spell of being unplugged I'm no longer getting any responses to DiSEqC commands from my receiver (Oh noes!). I've tried the normal troubleshooting stuff, swapping cables, checking the receiver's settings, I even reset the box (there go my positions), but the darn thing's still not listening to my receiver. Just wondering if anyone else has had trouble like this...


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Oct 13, 2007
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If the whole system has been unplugged awhile, check the posiitoner or dish setting screens on your receiver. "Motor" could be either in the off position, or in a USALS or other disecq setting that doesn't talk to the box. I had my box do that just ONCE and dont know why. Any of these will keep your receiver from "talking" to the Vbox.
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