Von Weise Actuator Limit Switch Adjustment

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Oct 6, 2013
Hi, I have a used Von Weise actuator that I took apart to grease, and it appears that when I reassembled the end plate, the limit switch gear wheel did not get meshed with its mate in the same position as before. The result is that the tube now retracts too far (i.e. the limit switch isn't being hit).

I can easily adjust the upper limit cam (which sets how far the tube will extend), but I can't move the lower limit cam. How do I do that? Do I need to disassemble the back plate and re-position the gear below?

The limit switch design is the same as the one in the picture attached.



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What changed is the position of the ACME nut when you took it apart. You need to screw that shaft out a few more turns until it does hit the switch when retracted.
Thanks, Magic.

So you're saying the lower cam can't be adjusted?

I didn't dismantle it very far. As soon as I got the backplate off, I saw it was stuffed full of new-looking grease, so I didn't need to add any. I just replaced the backplate - I didn't touch the ACME nut (if I understand the meaning of that correctly - the nut on the long threaded rod running the length of the tube?), nor did I turn the shaft.

I guess unscrewing the shaft a few turns is easier than dismantling it again!
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