VOOM ad on ESPN HD actually in HD!


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Apr 11, 2004
Seanb61 said:
OMG ! just saw a Voom ad on ESPN HD and it was shown in HD! Anyone else see this?

I've always gotten a kick out of watching commercials for TV's. Wow just look at that picture - sure wish my TV picture looked that good - gotta have one of those! This is kind of like that. If you are seeing it on ESPN, in HD, then you are obviously HD connected already so I guess thats why they brag more about the HD variety than showing off the HD quality...


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Mar 4, 2004
The Stone Man said:
Yes, a couple of times. The commercial about waking up all of the HD TV's out there that have been starved for content. It's a good commercial.

Actually the one I saw was a totally different one, I don't think i have seen this one before.

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