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May 8, 2004
I had my Voom installed two days before it stopped working. I arrived home on the third day to no signal being received. I've been through all the recommended procedures, checked all the connections and have spend 1.5 hrs on the phone with Voom customer service to no avail. I don't have it connected to a landline because I don't have one , however because it worked after installation I thought maybe I didn't actually "need" a land line but I'm starting to think this may be the problem. By the way, I did inform Voom of the lack of landline when setting up the service and they said it would work anyway.

Does anyone know if I could use my cell phone to allow the box to "report back" to voom ? I think there are attachments availiable to connect my Nokia phone to a RJ-?? jack.

I have 5 receivers but one has never been hooked up to the phone line; no problem with any of them and by the way, the receiver don't report back to Voom as of yet. The problem is the receiver or at Voom. What have you tried so far?
Go to system info and enter what it says for authorization. SWO is normal, MW is not normal, NA is unauthorized.

Also, what does the EMM provider say in Tune Satellite Signal?
update to my previous post

I decided to uninstall the diplexer since it seemed like the most obvious point of failure. I disconnected the sat-a input and ran it straight into the
house->receiver, this did not work and I was very dissappointed as my hopes were dashed. This is when it occured to me that perhaps, the installer had hooked the sat input to the antena input of the diplexer so I disconnected the antena input from the diplexer and ran it straight into the
house-->receiver and to my delight, it started working again immediatly.
So here's my gripe :
1. I had to take almost an entire day off from work for the original install, not just the morning that they said it would. This was due to the fact that the installer had to try 3 receivers before he could get one working.
2. Rather than run a line into my house, he just used the existing cable coax - preventing me from using it for my locals through the cable company.
3. The "OTA" antenna / diplexer situation that I was left with not only didn't provide OTA channels, it was done incorrectly.
4. And finally a result of all this I was without television for 3 days and also had to maka a trip to RadioShack and spend about 2 hours on the phone with Voom and at least another hour on this site researching the problem.

My impression of the service so far is that the actual service is great but that a little more training and oversight is in order for the installers, at least the one who did my house.



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