VOOM CSR reports 14% pay cuts at VOOM


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Sep 8, 2003
Over on the Yahoo Voom Group page a voom CSR is reporting they are taking a 14% pay cut due to lack of subscribers. I wonder if this is an indication of bad things or maybe an indication that they are going to be bought out soon (possibly by Charlie or Rupert) Remember Charlie has a bird at 61.5 already and Rupert has use of a new bid at 72.5

Here is a quote from the VOOM CSR on the Voom Yahoo Group:
"The CSR's tell you and assist you the best they can with the
information that is available to them. For the privilege of this
position, we all just received a 14% pay cut effective Monday because
we are not delivering adequate committed new subscribers. We have a
vested interest in you having the programming you all want as well.It
will generate more subscriber base. That is why the MBG and Free

Remember it is hard to substantiate the claims this person has made yet but from the writings it seems legit.
You can't recommend a service like Voom to your friends when they aren't offering what they promise. When that time comes more will subscribe to Voom.
If they are taking a 15% paycut then they must have been getting paid above minimum wage from the start in which is a shock to me.

I thought they were going to use the CableVision customer service reps for the Voom service.

This must mean that they are not getting new sub counts that they were expecting. The only reason why I would think that they would take pay cuts would be to avoid job losses and/or to prevent the business from going under.

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