Why no HD designation for TMC-HD & Show-HD on VOOM PG?

Sean Mota

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Sep 8, 2003
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According to this post,


the VOOM PG does not designate the HD programs available on TMC-HD anymore.

The same is happening with Showtime (East and West) feed. I thought that the PG showed which programs were designated in HD for showtime before.

It is very incovenient to have to look which movies will be shown in HD...Give us the HD designation on the VOOM PG...
This is not a good move. I hope Voom will fix this real soon, I don't care waiting for the movie to start to find out if it's in HD or not.
I have a theory. I think this has to do with Show-HD and TMC-HD. If you look at www.zap2it.com the movies on these channels have no indication as to what's going to be in HD or not. If you look at Starz-HD, it will have a designation on zap2it.com.
Just in case no one noticed, the HD designators are back on Showtime HD and TMC HD

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