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Jan 22, 2008
I cant seem to get W3 500 and 501 to come in. I keep getting a "cannot find channel" message. I have tried fine tuning both dish and skew. I get a good picture on W3 20 and have no problems with channels on GB just below W3. Any suggestions?


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Jan 8, 2005
Do you have a 920? The SR of those channels is 7.32 . The 920 was designed to receive 19.51 and 29.27 only. If you have a 922 or 905, you should be able to receive those channels.

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Aug 18, 2004
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I have tried fine tuning both dish and skew.

Do you mean you have bumped the dish back and forth? I have W3, TP 500, WABC with a 75 quaility, that is good. Go to the channel and hit option 6-4-4, press enter on W3. This will give you the channel info. I am showing it as a Horizontial and the polarity (skew) is on 90. Check and see what your's is on, if it says 90, change it to -90 and vice versa. Sometimes that will bring it in. Make sure your vertical polarity is on 0. What ever is showing in the two boxes should add up to 90.

I have a 922, from what I hear there is not much difference when it comes to this. Good luck.
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