Waiting for my initial SC Authorization, but have questions


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Oct 20, 2006
Waiting for my broker to authorize my DSR-505. I have a signal strength of 80, but my channel guide doesn't list any of the HD channels. My channel guide skips from 238 - 299. Does this mean I'm not alligned with the second bird or is this normal.
Sleepwalker, if you are getting the SD channels, press and hold the power button on the 505 (when it is already on), until it resets (about 20 seconds) and then you will get the HD channels.

I have had to do this when activating another 505 on my account and when the new HD channels were added.

The rep. told me to do this on the phone.

Take Care
thanks for answers. Does anyone know how long it takes for Star Choice to authorize the reciever? I've been waiting for about seven hours now.
Mine took less than a 30 minutes. When I noticed a picture coming from one of the Buffalo locals, the phone rang less than 10 seconds later...it was the broker, who was on the phone with *C. Other than spending more than an hour and a half pointing the dish (bone head move on my part), the entire installation and activation was a breeze.
Although I have installed several OTA antennas, *C was my first DBS install. My first inclination was to point it after setting the skew, but after reading the installation instructions I did it without skew. I then used my 110/119 Dish 500 as a reference and was befudled when I couldn't locate a satellite (a slow process considering I had to walk in and out of the house after every adjustment). I even checked, and double-checked, all connections, the grounding block, etc. When I stepped back for a moment, I realized that my error was in using my Dish 500 (with skew) as my starting point (at least 10 degrees off) when my *C dish had none. Doh! When I applied the skew on the *C dish and aimed it a few degrees left of where the 110/119 Dish 500 was pointing...bam, 84 on 299. Doh!:eek:
Ok, my program guide finally shows every channel, my system status reports reports a signal strength of 87 on A4 and 81 on A5. The trip count is 1, but still NO VIDEO. Any thoughts, anybody??
Trip counter problems..

Your trip counter should have gone up to at least 4 when full activation has occured. My rep asked me watch the counter in the diagnostics screen until it was at 4 before tuning any channels. It sounds like it needs to be hit again. This process took under 2 minutes on the phone.

Take Care
my activation on my 505 was instant-- the hardest part was reading *c the serial numbers-- small on back.
SC just rehit my reciever. I now have video, though I was told to not change the channel for 30 minutes. Hopefully, everything else works.

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