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Oct 19, 2006
Is the big dish the only way I can get HBO and Cinemax ? I already have the big 10' Uniden dish but haven't been using it for 5 years as the installer says the old Monterey 50 is obsolete. Thanks for any info. Or maybe there are other movie channels out there that are equally as good. I just don't know but do know I am getting very sick of paying Shaw cable $54 a month for nothing but commercial channels.
So just thought I'd check with the membership before I start spending a whack of money.
PS Cheapest I've found a DSR 922 is $750 CDN plus S/H and tax, out of Quebec. Can't find any in Vancouver.
4dtv is well worth it to get, I had Bell ,Star choice, DTV and Dish network, all came and went and did not give me what I get with my big dish.

I got my 922 here in Quebec also, the first week it came out, I paid $1700.00 for it, and am very happy I got it :)

I sub to all the movie channels, I find Starz/Encore and HBO/Max are good, I get Showtime but mostly for the boxing, I find the movies are pretty crappy on Showtime most of the time.
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