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Feb 12, 2012
I am thinking about ordering DTV. I would get the HR34 and need a recommendation for which HD STBs for another 4 HDTVs.
I also have a house in Florida that came with a Slimline 4LNB DTV dish. I would like to take two of the STBs with me when I go down there for 6 months every year and change my service address. In Florida I would like OTA also, but not needed in CT. Is there a STB that has a built in OTA tuner that will support MRV with the HR34, work with both SWiM and a non SWiM LNB? I do not plan on taking the HR34 with me when we travel to Florida.

So in summary –

CT 5 TVs HR34 DVR 4HD STBs that support MRV SWiM LNB
Florida Use existing Slimline dish with 4 LNB and OTA with 2HD STBs with OTA tuners
If I purchase used HD STBs for Florida so I do not have to fly with them, what model would you recommend and how hard is it to move service between boxes every 6 months?
Thanks for your input!
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