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Dec 22, 2016
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In my current configuration I have cable from my SL3S4NR5-01 satellite going to a two way SWM splitter located in a service box on my outside wall. Cable from the powered port of that splitter goes to another 2 way SWM splitter in the bedroom, with the DC port going to the power source and the other port to the TV, which works fine. I would like to run cable to the other side of my ranch style house, and the shortest route, or connection , is via the outside service box splitter. If I understand correctly, I will not require additional power sources for additional TVs. I assume that I can run cable from the non powered port ( in the service box) to the other end of the house and branch off to 2 or 3 TVs. Since all of the cable, and branches, from that particular port should be non powered, can you just treat the downline powered and non powered ports the same as far as making TV connections? Thanks in advance for any help. Just don't want to burn a receiver up due to my limited knowledge.


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Dec 28, 2004
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You can continue to split the signal, but you are better off getting a splitter with enough ports to connect as many tvs as you want, up to eight, and putting it into the service box. Just be sure to connect the power inserter to the power passing port.
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I would first ditch the 2-way splitter in the bedroom and just run the coax to the "to ODU" input of the PI. And connect the bedroom TV receiver to the "to IRD" port of the PI.

And run the other output of the "root splitter" in the outside box to the other side of the house and split from there as necessary.

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