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May 30, 2011
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Does AMC 21 have a weak transponder on 20? 12106 Montana PBS and 12112 OETA and OKLA only give me a S-65 Q-15 to 25 but I receive 86/75 on the other PBS stations on AMC 21. Or is there more adjusting to be done here?



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Mar 25, 2010
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I get both of those on AMC21 with a decent Q of 60 or more.I have been doing some tweaking due to dish being taken down and put back up due to the last storm irene.


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Oct 13, 2007
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Searched for this thread. Beautiful sunny day here. Stationary .75 meter Channel Master dish, (former DTN unit) 73 percent quality average, 90 percent signal. In the middle of viewing this afternoon, pixelation, and quality drops to 50 and below. Shouldn't pixelate, I would think.... Very erratic!

(12113/8703 OETA)

Its an Invacom QHP031 LNB on the dish. Been reading people's PBS reception woes here on various threads. Is this typical of the symptom, or...should I be concerned that a black spider got IN to the LNB somewhere? (since the fuzzy black monster was on it when I swapped it off my Ku motorized dish and looked like he hid in the slots and areas around it? Maybe he can get in to where the lens is????
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